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Vanguard Solutions provides web hosting for business, organization, and personal web sites.

Our web hosting plans are sure to meet your budget. If you are currently hosted elsewhere or just starting out online with a small business or personal web site, our basic plan is perfect at $3.95 per month, prepaid for the year. Should you need to upgrade your Web Page Hosting Plan in future, you may do so by loging in to our Support Centre, or by contacting our sales department. At Vanguard Solutions we do not charge fees for upgrading plans.

All of our web hosting plans come with an easy to use cPanel Control Panel and Fantastico De Luxe that has 50 pre-loaded scripts that simply install with one click! See a full list of hosting features.

Professional SPAM Protection

We know how much you hate spam in your inbox. Which is why we offer SpamAssassin with each and every hosting account.

Take control of your email and have those annoying emails automatically deleted by simply configuring the spam level or filtering particular words.

Web Hosting Plan Comparison


If these plans don't meet your needs please check out our other hosting packages. Or email our sales dept and we'll make a custom plan.

VS Basic VS Value VS Pro
1 Year [?]

All of our hosting plans come with the option to pay 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year or 2 year (except for the Basic account which can only be paid 1 or 2 years).

The price will never increase as long as you keep your account with us.

$4.95/m $12.95/m $16.95/m
2 Year [?]

By paying 2 years in advance, you will receive additional savings.

$3.95/m $11.95/m $15.95/m
Setup Fee [?]

We do not charge any setup fees on any hosting accounts.

Payment Options [?]

We take Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, Checks, and Money Orders. For more information, email our sales dept.

Various Various Various
Backups [?]

Our control panel gives you to option to make an 'instant' backup of your entire cPanel account. It will archive your account and provide you with a link to download the backup. You can then use this backup file to restore your account on our servers if need be.

We also backup the server weekly and monthly to a remote backup server so your content is retained.

Yes Yes Yes
No Contracts [?]

We have no contracts and no hidden fees!

You are free to cancel your web hosting at any time without cancellation fees.

Yes Yes Yes
No Hassle Plan Upgrades [?]

We have no contracts and no hidden fees!

You are free to cancel your web hosting at any time without cancellation fees.

Yes Yes Yes
30 Day Money Back Guarantee [?]

We guarantee that if for any reason during your first month with us you decide to cancel we will issue a full refund within 24 hours.

Yes Yes Yes
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Plan Details

Bandwidth [?]

Bandwidth can be best described as gas for a car. If your website runs out of bandwidth nobody will be able to visit it. 1GB of bandwidth is equal to over 100,000 hits. The average account with us uses less than 2 GB of bandwidth a month. Your bandwidth number used will reset back to zero on the first of every month.

10 GB 50 GB 150 GB
Storage [?]

Storage is basically the disk space allocated for emails and web content.

500 MB 1 GB 4 GB
Add-on domains [?]

Ability to host additional domain names under one hosting plan.

× × Yes
Subdomains [?]

A normal domain name looks like domain.com while a sub domain looks like sub.domain.com.

× Yes Yes
Parked domains [?]

You can host unlimited parked domain names under one hosting plan. The additional domain names are aliased to the main domain name. For abcd.com will show the same content as your main name, abc.com.

× Yes Yes
FTP Support [?]

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Having multiple FTP accounts will allow you to give friends and employees their own FTP account. This will allow you to give them as little or as much access to your website as you choose.

Yes Yes Yes
Anonymous FTP [?]

Anonymous ftp allows the public to upload, download, or view files in a specified directory. (no login required)

Yes Yes Yes
Cpanel [?]

cPanel will be your hosting control panel. cPanel allows you to monitor the amount of bandwidth used, space used, create e-mail addresses, sub domains, MySQL databases, and much more instantly!

For demo, visit vanguard-solutions.ca/hosting-features

Yes Yes Yes
Fantastico [?]

Fantastico DeLuxe will allow you and your customers to install over 50 scripts instantly. To use Fantastico you or your client will just login to their control panel click Fantastico, and then click one of the 50+ scripts to be installed.

For a list of scripts, visit vanguard-solutions.ca/hosting-features

Yes Yes Yes

Control Panel Features

Getting Started Wizard [?]

Simple wizard that explains the features of the control panel.

Yes Yes Yes
Video Tutorials [?]

Each section of the control panel has video tutorials to help you do certain tasks.

Yes Yes Yes
Frontpage Support [?]

We support all version of Microsoft FrontPage. Frontpage is a website creation tool that can be used to both create and upload your site when FP extensions are installed.

Yes Yes Yes
File Manager [?]

You can upload your files directly from our control panel via the Web Based File Manager. You can get to this by logging into your cPanel account and clicking the File Manager icon.

Yes Yes Yes
Web Disk [?]

The Web Disk allows you to easily drag and drop files to your hosting account just like they are part of your home computer.

Yes Yes Yes
Custom Error Pages [?]

Allows you to make a custom error page for anyone who visits a non-existant page of your site.

Yes Yes Yes
Hotlinking Protection [?]

Hotlinking is when another site is linking to your images or files. Hotlink protection will stop them from stealing your bandwidth.

Yes Yes Yes
Password Protect Directories [?]

Password protect a directory and nobody can view its contents without a password.

Yes Yes Yes
Page Counters [?]

Put a hit counter on your site instantly so you can track the number of visitors.

Yes Yes Yes
Formmail [?]

Formmail is a form that will email you all the info when filled out.

Yes Yes Yes
Blog [?]

Currently supported online journals include Nucleus, pMachines Free and Wordpress.

Yes Yes Yes
Portals [?]

We support the following content management systems, Drupal, Geeklog, Joomla, Mamba, PHP-Nuke, phpWCMS, phpWebsite, Post-Nuke, Siteframe, Xoops, and Typo3.

Yes Yes Yes
Forums (Discussion Boards) [?]

Currently we support phpBB2 and SMF.

Yes Yes Yes
phpMyAdmin [?]

All accounts come with phpMyAdmin preinstalled. PhpMyAdmin allows for easy management of MySQL databases.

Yes Yes Yes
phpPgAdmin [?]

All accounts come with phpPgAdmin preinstalled. PhpPgAdmin allows for easy management of PostgresSQL databases.

Yes Yes Yes

Advanced Features

SSH2 [?]

We allow you to use the OpenSSH Protocol (using Jailed Shell) on all of our Shared servers to make it easier to develop and debug your files with such text editors as vim and nano. To request OpenSSH access, please E-Mail our support department. (No irc daemons or background processes allowed.)

× Yes Yes
Php 4 or 5 [?]

PHP is a server side HTML embedded scripting language. All accounts come with support for version 4+ or 5+.

Yes Yes Yes
MySQL [?]

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. Many forums and other database driven programs require MySQL to run. All servers use 5.2+ at this time.

Yes Yes Yes
PostgresSQL [?]

PostgreSQL is a free software object-relational database management system. All servers use 8.2+.

Yes Yes Yes
Perl [?]

Perl is one of the most common CGI scripting languages used today. We have version 5.8.+ currently installed on our servers.

Yes Yes Yes
Python [?]

Python is a programming/scripting language that can be used on many different computers and operating systems.

Yes Yes Yes
CGI [?]

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. CGI is one method by which a web server can obtain data from (or send data to) databases, documents, and other programs, and present that data to viewers via the web.

A CGI program can be written in any programming language, but Perl is one of the most popular.

Yes Yes Yes
SSI [?]

Server Side includes, refers to Perl based HTML commands that direct a server to generate on-the-fly contact for web pages.

Yes Yes Yes
Cron [?]

Crontab is a process in Unix systems that uses a Daemon called cron to execute commands for the user at a certain time.

Yes Yes Yes
ImageMagick [?]

ImageMagick is a robust collection of tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in many formats. We stay up to date on the latest version.

Yes Yes Yes
GD Library [?]

GD is an ANSI library dynamic creation of images. GD creates PNG and JPEG images, among other formats. We stay up to date with the latest GD version.

Yes Yes Yes
Streaming Media [?]

We support Windows Media, Quicktime, and Real Media player allowing you to run streaming audio and video.

Yes Yes Yes
Free Module Installation [?]

Need a special module for your program to work? We will install it free of charge within 24 hours.

Yes Yes Yes
Redirect URL [?]

Lets you redirect pages of your site to any url you want.

Yes Yes Yes
IP Deny Manager [?]

IP deny manager allows you to block whoever you want from being able to visit your site.

Yes Yes Yes
Apache Handlers [?]

Apache handlers allow you to control what Apache will do with certain file types.

Yes Yes Yes
MIME Types [?]

Mime types tell browsers how to handle specific extensions.

Yes Yes Yes
ColdFusion MX 8 [?]

Macromedia ColdFusion is an application and software development framework used for the development of computer software in general, and dynamic website in particular.

× × Yes
Ruby on Rails [?]

Ruby On Rails is an open-source web framework that's built for productivity.

× × Yes

Web / FTP Statistics

AWStats [?]

Get the most accurate Unique Visitors and Click Paths information in the industry. See where your traffic is coming from - search engines, banner ads, referrals, email campaigns and more. Analyze downloads, bandwidth usage, errors, and much more that is only possible with software-based web analytics.

Visit awstats.sourceforge.net for more info.

Yes Yes Yes
Webalizer [?]

Webalizer displays in depth traffic statistics for your site. Visit mrunix.net/webalizer for more information

Yes Yes Yes
Analog [?]

Analog is another open source web statistics program. Visit analog.cx for more information.

Yes Yes Yes
Raw Log Manager [?]

You will have access to download your sites raw logs.

Yes Yes Yes
Referrer Logs [?]

The referrer log will tell you what sites your traffic is coming from.

Yes Yes Yes
Error Logs [?]

The error log will tell you if anyone is getting errors and where.

Yes Yes Yes
Latest Visitors Stats [?]

This function will show the last 300 people that have accessed your site.

Yes Yes Yes

E-Mail Features

Webmail Support [?]

We include Squirrel and Horde with all our hosting packages. Web mail allows you to send and receive emails online by going to yoursite.com/webmail.

Yes Yes Yes
POP3 Accounts [?]

This is the number of POP accounts you get. POP accounts are used to send and receive emails through programs such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird.

50 Unlimited Unlimited
SMTP [?]

We allow you to use our servers to send outgoing mail.

Yes Yes Yes
IMAP [?]

We support Internet Message Access Protocol. IMAP permits a client email program to access remote message stores as if they were local.

Yes Yes Yes
E-Mail Alias [?]

Mail box aliases will allow you to setup multiple email addresses to go to a single mail box.

Yes Yes Yes
Autoresponders [?]

You can setup your email addresses so when they receive mail they will automatically reply back with your message.

Yes Yes Yes
ASSP (Email Spam and Virus Filtering) [?]

This will significantly reduce email spam and virii.

Yes Yes Yes
Mail Forwarding [?]

You can setup a mail forwarder. Doing this will forward all your mail to any email address you wish.

Yes Yes Yes
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All prices are  in Canadian Dollars. 

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